Friday, May 15, 2015


::Current Projects::

I was able to cast on my Mondo Stash Busting Blanket. My idea to create this came from the need to wipe out some stash yarns that I had no other projects for. I sorted the collection by color and weight.
Inspiration came from Giant Snuggle BlanketGarter Squish, and the Ombre Yarn Eater. I have loved seeing everyone's cozy memory blankets and granny squares and bee keeper quilts - but honestly one big knit project is more my style and time frame right now.

Completed my garden flag project. Looking forward to hanging them around the garden in a few weeks. They are so cheerful to look at blowing in the breeze. Just a zig-zag stitch over top of some hemp style rope. Used fabric scraps from old projects.


::Photo Recap::

1.)a garden offering 2.)pecan sandies 3.)completed garden flags 4.)painted green house 5.)tiny birds on teh green house 6.) camp fire camera experiments

::Links / I Am Loving:: 

  • Summer is just around the corner and I enjoyed Donna Lynn Miller's perspective on summer reading lists for kids. There was another great post I read a few weeks back along the same line of thinking...but it has escaped me now.
  • We are decluttering over here as I am often inspired and awoken by minimal style blog posts. Was shocked by these 21 surprising stats about how much "stuff" American's own, found on becoming minimalist.
  • Loved this marketing campaign done by Manhattan Fish Market. Diners sit down - put electronics in a box so they can "connect while disconnecting". Keep the devices in the box during the meal and earn $$ towards a future dine in. 


Hoping to get some more sewing started this week as well as some doodling. Always hope for some knitting time. Then I have a fun marketing project for work as well as a summer project for families that I am hoping to dig deeper into this week.

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