Friday, April 15, 2016

Studying Creativity

It has been in my head for about a year or so now that I would like to study creativity. Currently I am not sure what the end goal of this experiment is but I have a good feeling that what happens along the way will make the trip worth while. I have been fascinated with creativity in the business world since I took an undergrad advertising class. The teacher recommended two books that have stuck with me and made me realize that the art/craft side of my brain can be used in the work place and did not need to be compartmentalized. So the adventure begins here...or shall I say continues, as I guess I have been "studying" creativity all along. This space will allow me to put action to the thoughts. I am curious to see what unfolds. I imagine lots of lists and bullet points as working on my writing in one of the things that I would like to see as an outcome of this study.

To formally start the study I did what all people seeking answers do. I googled it! How to study creativity. Which led me right to a local universities department on creative studies. There feature on the page was a piece on Alex Osborn, an ad executive, who developed and coined the term "brainstorming". Mr. Osborn seems as good a place as any to have an official start. His book, Your Creative Power, is now on my library request list. Journey begun :: Check!

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