create: to bring (something) into existence
assemblage: a collection or gathering of things or people

Why spend the time and energy putting together this space? 

That is the question that got me to quit blogging, miss it for a few years, and come back with renewed focus and energy.

This site is a learning and teaching tool – for both you and me. This is a place to grow in creative thinking and doing. This creative outlet is not my day job.  Though my day job has its creative moments where I create custom marketing solutions for clients to promote their businesses. I have been making things since I was a little girl sitting on my grandmas lap while she knit, hovering near my mom while she sewed, even holding a beater or two while making a baked treat.

My very best job titles are that of wife and mom to a most wonderful family. We are three – three is a magic number!  We live simply and try to be drama free. We are working on creating ways for our lifestyle to leave minimal impact on the planet. We remind ourselves daily to seek ways to live with less and love one another more.

We joke in our family of talkers – that every silence is an awkward silence. Within a few moments of meeting you I will try to find some way in which we can relate. I could carry on for days chatting about books, knitting, sewing, cooking/baking, and being outdoors. There is nothing I love more then to uncover a really great story – stay a while and tell me one!

Things you will find here:
                    Overcoming brain drain and creative blocks
                    Tutorials for creative projects
                    Creative Challenges to get you thinking in new and clever ways
                    Updates and progress on my own crafty projects
                    Positive thinking – Positive Messages

My life is not perfect – but it is filled with some pretty terrific moments!  I am choosing to use this space to show those creative endeavors that bring joy and peace to my life. This is intended to be an uplifting space. I hope you enjoy it.

Thanks for coming by -

feel free to get in touch via email.