Summer:In Doodle

Okay - lets get started. 

I have collected 30 days of prompts to use through the summer. You can do one or all thirty - you are never behind. Just jump in when you are ready. Each day a new prompt will be posted on the Summer:In Doddle Blog. {Be sure to read Let's Get Started! first}

You can participate by taking inspiration from the prompt and then doodling, writing or in any way creating in your journal. For even more fun post a photo of your completed page to the group Flickr page (open only to participants - send me an email with your Flickr account name or email address and I can send you an invite).

So grab a blank journal and your favorite writing and drawing tools and join us for some fun.

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Coming soon to a summer near you! Grab a spot at the picnic table - round up your kids or a friend. 

Because this summer its on like donkey kong! 

You won't need much - a blank journal book and your favorite pens and pencils and stay tuned for more info on how to play along!