Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A Fresh Start

I am dusting off my keyboard and starting blogging anew. I have blogged off and on for the past decade or so, but then my blog lost focus for me. I could no longer answer the question as to why I was blogging in the first place.

There was a part of me that really missed the community that formed between bloggers with common passion and purpose. I missed being a part of that creative energy that often led to the spark that draws out more ideas. Then the simplicity of Pinterest, Ravelry, and Instagram  lured me in and tugged at that part of me that was looking to get back to blogging in some way. Participating in those sites was fun but also got me thinking about blogging again. Then a recent conversation with a friend got me thinking it "out loud". Blogging in your own space is such a nice way to communicate with others. Sharing common interests and cataloging creative projects.

I am excited to get back to blogging with a purpose. Excited to be able to answer the question...why do you blog?

I am blogging because:

  • I want to take pare in the online creative community  with my own online space.
  • I want to catalog my creative projects.
  • I want to challenge myself to focus on creating - not perfecting projects. Just get started!
  • I want to share and learn
Looking forward to seeing what develops and sparks here.